What are Termites?

Termites can be described as social insects that most people refer to as white ants, but they are in fact not ants. Termites usually divide their labor among several castes just like wasps and bees. These castes usually consist of sterile female and male “workers” and also “soldiers”. The colonies also have fertile male termites that are called “Kings” and one or maybe two female “Queens”. They normally feed on cellulose and dead plant materials occurring in the form of leaf litter, soil, wood and animal dung. They are major detritivores, meaning they feed on dead materials that contain cellulose. They are mostly found in tropical and subtropical regions. Termites recycle plant and wood material thereby creating a considerable ecological impact.
They form one of the most successful insect groups on planet earth colonizing all landmasses except the Antarctica. The colonies usually have members ranging from a few hundred termites to other larger societies that are made up of several million termites. The termite queens have been found to have the lifespan that is the longest amongst insects in the world as they are able to live up to 50 years. They do not go through a complete metamorphosis as they only proceed through the egg, nymph and then adult stage.


Why should I be concerned about termites?

You should be very concerned about termites due to the costly damages they are capable of bringing about to structures. Their wood-eating habits I particular ought to make each and every person who owns a home or any structure that is made from dead plant material concerned about them. Termites are capable of causing great damages to wooden structures and buildings and more so if they are unprotected. They are dangerous since their presence is not easily detected as they remain concealed inside the timber. When they are finally detected then the timber would have been severely damaged. They not only cause damages to buildings but also food crops. They can attack trees especially during the dry seasons and also food crops during harvest time.

What damage can they cause?

Termites are the only known pests that can cause damage so big that it may surpass the damages that other pests and rodents can be capable of causing. They can single-handedly manage to ruin and also completely destroy the foundation of a house in just a matter of a few years. They will be capable of carrying out this destructive work without even been noticed for periods that may go up to 5 years after their first infestation.
They are considered the most destructive pests due to their ability to destroy a whole house which is one of the most important investment people make in their lives. As seen above, they have a wood-eating habit that makes them attack wood under the soil or above it. The wood beneath the ground is mostly used for foundation and if they attack it then the whole house will be at risk of collapsing. They also feed on cellulose-based materials meaning that no matter what type of a house construction, the termites will find something to eat in them as long as it contains cellulose. This makes them a threat to almost all types of houses. The destruction the termites make cannot be determined in costs throughout the world as the figure is high. For instance, in the South Western United States, the damage caused by termites is estimated to be in the region of $1.5 billion every year. It is no wonder that there are several termite control Ipswich methods and ways that have been discovered to help in the fight to control and prevent termites from causing more damage.

Termite Pest Control Solutions

How Do I know I have an Infestation?

It is important to note that you may not be able to see any direct evidence of termite infestation in your home, but that won’t mean that you remain ignorant of the matter. There are several tell tale signs of a termite infestation and this includes sagging floors, holes in hollow parts of the foundation and woodwork. You could also see the termites themselves in your structure. If you see any of these signs of termite infestation, you should conduct a thorough inspection to establish the truth of the matter.

You could begin with the basement where you would need a good flashlight and screwdriver to do the inspection. You should proceed and check thoroughly all the foundation beams and crawlspaces by tapping the wood to see if there is any hollowness. You can also drive the screwdriver into the wood to test the strength of the wood. If the wood gives in too easily then you ought to know that you have a serious termite problem in your hands. You should also be in the lookout for termite wastes in these places. The droppings are usually dark brown pellets or wood coloured excrement pellets. If these droppings are near the weakened wood then that would be an indication of a termite infestation. You could also find termite nests on your own property. Subterranean termites usually form a system of tubes and tunnels made from mud. Dry wood termites have their nests inside the wood.

How do I treat them?

After determining the type of termites you have in your home, you should then proceed and exercise the most appropriate termite control Ipswich method or ways of treating them. You can try to do it yourself using a number of do-it-yourself methods or call a professional company. The latter is the most effective method to use as it would guarantee you of getting rid of the termites forever. The do-it-yourself methods include using a cardboard trap, using beneficial nematodes to get rid of them naturally or exposing furniture to sunlight or freezing. These methods are good but will only eradicate a few termites and not wipe out the entire termite infestation.
Calling a professional pest control company is the best way of dealing with this issue of termites. This is because the professional pest control companies will be able to deal with all manners of termite infestations no matter how big they will be. They will also use the most efficient methods of pest extermination and in the safe manner to protect the occupants of the house as well as the environment. Ensure you get the best pest control company that will help you treat the source of all your termite problems and therefore stop them completely. Working with a competent professional pest control company thus remains the best form of termite control Ipswich that you ought to consider.

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