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A natural alternative to get rid of termites

Termites are one of the stubborn home pests that infest our homes. Having existed for more than 250 million years, termites have adopted to most environmental changes and also become resistant to most chemical control methods. For all these years home owners and property owners of wood- based structures have had to grapple with these notorious pests.


Some Termite Solutions


These termites have remained a problem for home owners for several reasons. One reason being that most people mistake termites for ants and therefore use ant control methods instead of termite control methods. A basic understanding of termites is therefore essential for their effective eradication. A fundamental difference between ants and termites is that termites have straight and beaded antennas while ants have bent antennas. Further, termites have thick segmented waists while ants have obvious waists.

The termite family is of three main types; subterranean termites, dry wood termite and Dampwood termites. Dampwood termites thrive in wooden structures with moisture, dry wood termites in wood that has dried naturally while subterranean termites live in the soil by creating nests.

Presence of either of these termites in your house means a threat to your home structure. Getting rid of such pests immediately and effectively is therefore prudent. There exists several chemicals in the market for termites control. However, use of chemicals is faulted due to many reasons. One, is that chemicals contains toxic smells and products have may harm people by causing allergies and other health conditions. Further, chemical products come at a high cost thus one may not afford.

One natural way of getting rid of termites is exposing the areas infested by termites to sunlight. When termites are exposed to sunlight they die off. In case any removable wooden furniture is infested, it is recommended to air such furniture on a bright sunny day. The sunlight will not only kill such termites but will also expose any termites that might be out of your sight.

Another natural alternative to termites eradication is ensuring there are no damp spots in your house.This is because termites most favorite habitat places are places of moisture.

Cardboard trap is yet another popular natural alternative that acts as bait. Not only is this option natural but also toxic. Moreover cardboard contains cellulose, a compound that attracts female termites. How this method works is that you take a cardboard and spray some water in it. Spraying water to the cardboard enhances the smell of cellulose therefore attracting more female termites . After some time you will notice the termites collected in the cardboard. Dispose such termites by burning.

A mixture of Aloe Vera plant and water is yet another alternative. To explore this option, crush an aloe Vera plant and let it to stand for a few minutes.Next add water in the ratio of 1:5 and pour the mixture in a spray bottle. Spray such mixture to the termites directly. Due to the strong smell of Aloe, the termites will escape and not come back.

Finally, you may also apply natural oils such as orange oil, Vetiver oil, clove bud oil and neem oil on the wood. Orange oil is particularly effective on Drywood termites. This is because orange oil contains a chemical known as di-limonene that dissolves the termite’s exoskeleton thereby destroying the insect’s cell membranes and thereby killing the termites. Neem oil on the other hand kills termites when ingested. Further, use of vinegar in its pure form or diluted form will kill termites that are present on a particular place and deter others from infesting that spot.

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