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How To Get Rid Of Termites Yourself

Termites eat wood.  They will consume anything produced of wood or wood items documents, books, shrubs, trees, floorboards, porches, sheds and attics.  Every year termites damage huge dollars in property.  Due to the reason of the lot of damage termites can perform, it is essential to stop them at the basic indication of the presence.  If you take right step quickly, there are certain home ways for termite control which will be effectively perfectly.

Caulking gun:

Take a screwdriver and a flashlight in to the basement or other places where you think termites might be entering. Use the flashlight to assist you identify mud tunnels. Tap on the place with the handle of the screwdriver.  Listen for a hollow sound which might present termite damage.  Mildly poke at holes and hollow areas by using the screwdriver.  If the screwdriver sinks in to the wood easily, you have possibly identified termite damage.  Utilize a caulking gun to seal up the little cracks and crevices you see.  Give special concentration to the frames of windows and doors. Fill in the cracks in the basement which you see, and close up the entrance on the exterior water faucets, wires and cables.

Tetracycline powder:

Cover filters and air vents with mesh cover to block big openings that offer access to the interior side.  Use tetracycline powder and cardboard to do a trap for termite control.  Cut big pieces of cardboard in to square shape up to two feet.  Combine the tetracycline powder with water and soak the board properly in the solution.  Dig a hole in a place near to the house and bury the board there.  Allow it for seven days, after one week dig up the board and burn it. Termites will be interested in cardboard and the tetracycline will destroy them.  Boric acid is a popular home remedy for termites and other insects.  Begin by using boric acid straight in to termite holes and exterior the house.  This material can be highly toxins to the people, hence keep in mind to use gloves while dealing it.

Boric acid:

Combine a mixture of water and boric acid.  Spray it to the infested places and use it to the places by using a paint brush.  There are certain necessary habits you can do to maintain termites from returning. Wet and decaying leaves create a good treat for termites, hence keep the gutters clean.  Termites drive in damp places, hence keep water from gathering around the basement of your house and repair pipes that are leaky.  Remove debris away from the house and keep the wood items minimum 6 inches off the mud.  Act soon to remove irreparable damage termite infestations.

Bait treatment:

The simplest treatment would be the bait treatment.  They are not dangerous to the soil when compared to other method for termite infestation.  How it works is through attracting the termites to feed on the dangerous bait, that they will take back to the colony.  Flag the places that you have made the bait stations just incase they get covered up.  You must inspect for termite activity by checking the bait stations.  Get the monitors replaced and do with monitoring each two months like new colonies may take on the places of old colonies.  Performing it on your own will need perseverance for outcome.

If the problems still persist, contact your local pest control professional as soon as possible.

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