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How To Tell Those Ants To Get Lost

Ants are a nuisance and a hassle when they enter your house. But don’t worry because with the right prevention methods, you can kiss those ants goodbye. One thing you should do is seal all cracks that exist in your home because this is how ants easily enter.

Another idea is to apply some powder around areas of the home where ants are mostly likely to enter such as the door that leads to the backyard. It’s also important that you keep the house clean. Wash and put away dishes each night and don’t leave full garbage bags in the kitchen.

We can help with ant control

Sometimes repellents can help you get rid of ants. Combine citrus peel and water in a spray bottle and spray the mixture in areas where ants are likely to gather in your home. Another natural repellent is instant grits. When you place grits in the problem areas, the ants slowly die. This is a cheap way to get rid of ants. You can also use perfume, cinnamon or scented oils to repel ants.

What if you use these methods yet ants still come in your home? One method is to blend white vinegar and water then spray in areas where the ants have been lately. Another idea is to put Borax around ant colonies in the home since ants gradually die upon ingesting it.

Your vacuum cleaner is your best friend when getting rid of ants. Just take your vacuum cleaner and suck up all traces of ants you see throughout the house. The vacuum cleaner does not have to be pricey because a cheap one would work well.

This may seem strange but a combination of baking soda and powdered sugar can get rid of ants. This is because while ants find the sugar appealing, the baking soda eventually kills them.

Ant poison traps are small squares filled with poison and they are sometimes successful at eliminating ants. You can find these at hardware supply stores or drugstores.

Cornmeal is another great way to get rid of ants. But don’t just use the cornmeal alone. Some pest control experts say that if you combine cornmeal with boric acid. Combine equal parts of the ingredients in a container then put a lid on it.

Some homemakers believe that Windex is a neat way to eliminate ants. Windex is something that most people have in their homes and it is inexpensive.

Here are some tips for removing ants from your carpet. Vacuum or sweep the carpet on a regular basis, and you can use an ant killer spray or traps to do the job.

Ants don’t have to dominate your home with the above mentioned steps. When you keep the home clean you reduce the need to buy pesticides. Natural methods are excellent for repelling ants as this is sustainable. When there are no ants in the home you have peace of mind in knowing that insects are not in control of the home. Having an ant-free home is also good for your health. Without the infestation, you reduce development of respiratory illnesses.

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