Queensland is home to some really weird crawlies and while a gecko here and a cockroach there may not be anything to be worried about it is the spiders that can have you literally walking on egg shells and calling pest control in the middle of the night. Queensland spiders have quite a reputation and there is no fun in knowing that some venomous spiders could be hiding somewhere in your house or garden. While it is indeed true that Queensland has a good number of the most venomous spiders in the world these creatures are not as dangerous given that not a single death caused by a spider bite has been recorded since 1981. That said it important to be informed of the various spiders available, what they feed on and what you should do in the event that the spiders literally start taking over your home.

Queensland Spiders

There are thousands of spider species in Queensland and these come in all shapes and sizes. The Huntsman spider is one of the most common species around and possibly because it is rather large it is impossible to live in this state and not see this giant spider every now and then. Other species include the Funnel Web Spider, the Black House Spider and the Red Back spider just to mention but a few.

What you should be concerned about?

When it comes to spiders your main concern should be spider bites. Most spiders however only bite when they feel cornered so it is highly unlikely that you will have to deal with spider bites if you leave them alone and walk away when you see one. In the event that you get bitten by a spider it is always good to see a doctor right away. A spider bite should however not make you panic since most of the time the venom delivered is not lethal and most people are able to fight the toxins even without any medical intervention. Antivenin for the two most dangerous spider species that is the Funnel Web and the Red Back is also readily available.

Another cause for concern should be the spider population. If you think that the spider population in your home is getting out of hand then you should try and find out what it is that they are attracted to and remove it. You can also go a step further and get in touch with spider control professionals in Queensland. Spider control will work to considerably reduce the spider population in your home and also tell you what you should do to keep the population low.

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What spiders feed on?

Spiders mostly feed on insects though the larger species also feed on small animals such as lizards, millipedes and birds. Around the house these insects and small animals are found in the garden, around the trashcan and in the gutter. To be safe you should keep your house clean so that the spiders do not get any food to eat and stay out of your way. You should also work to keep your garden well maintained.

How to treat spiders?

Spiders can actually be beneficial since they get rid of houseflies and all the other insects that you find in your home. Unless the population gets too large one or two spiders spotted in the span of a week should not be a reason for concern. You will however have to deal with the unsightly webs in the case of webbing spiders.

As stated above a spider will only bite when its feeling cornered so if you do not disturb it then it is highly likely that you will escape unhurt. When you see a spider, get out of its way immediately. Avoid leaving shoes and toys outside and when you do shake them well and check whether there may be any spiders hiding inside. You can use a stick or any other long object to get the spider out of your shoes, clothes and toys. When gardening, make sure that you have some shoes on and also wear some thick gloves. You should also avoid walking in your garden barefoot especially at night when the spiders are more active.

When bitten by a spider immediately seeking immediate medical attention is important. If you know the species of the spider that delivered the bite then this will make your doctors work even easier as it will be easy to administer the right treatment. You will also get something to help with the pain.

In situations where the population is becoming a problem then the best course of action would be to call pest control. Pest control professionals mostly apply chemicals designed to kill the spiders. These chemicals are mostly applied as surface spray and are administered in the most affected areas around your home.

Using a professional is the only way you can be guaranteed of eliminating spiders in your home once and for all. While most professionals do a thorough job it is important to remember that a single treatment may not be enough and you may need a second and even a third treatment to reduce spiders and other bugs in your home to a considerable level. Luckily most pest control companies only charge for the first treatment and the follow-up treatments come at no charge at all. After treatment you will mostly only need to involve pest control professionals once a year and even then you will not be seeing as many spiders as you used to do before starting treatment.

To ensure that you are a happy client at the end of the day only use professionals who prove that they can actually get the job done. Get referrals from family and friends and get in touch with a few companies. Compare their services, see what other clients have to say about their services and see how they treat you as a prospective client and respond to your queries. You can then engage the company that promises to deliver beyond your expectations within the time you want the spiders dealt with and at a reasonable price.


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